What is IH3 Gaming?

IH3 Gaming is a Community designed around our passion for gaming & our passion to entertain people! The Community was founded by IonicH3art (Matthew Hamill) on the 26th of June 2020. Its soul bases is to help connect us the Streamers with you the Viewers/Fans!

How Can You Join IH3 Gaming?

IH3 Gaming isn't Officially open for other streamers to join unless they appear to have a great interest in what we're doing & its not just to gain traction/viewers. If you contact IonicH3art or DJ Darly either through their streams on twitch or via ionich3art's social media's!

Who Owns IH3 Gaming?

IH3 Gaming is own by IonicH3art and here's one way to tell

(I = Ionic ~ H = H3art & 3 = Well the 3 in h3art?!)

So Long Story Short, Its Basically IonicH3art Gaming

IH3 Gaming's Brand New Logo!